Due to a good handful of Missed calls and missed opportunities to meet me, I have been inclined to blog about the best way to get a hold of me and guarantee a meeting with me. If you have missed me please don't give up yet keep trying x
Generally a minimum of one day notice is preferable, but the more notice you give the better. Or on being flexible for same day escort appointments you can always try your luck by calling from 9am-3.30pm to book an appointment for my hours of operation between 10am - 8pm giving one and a half up to two hours notice for reasons explained below.
A pre-booked Chelmsford escort Tryst; guarantees availability, avoids disappointment and gives you a better chance of securing an exclusive time with moi.
Advance booking earns you priority points and  I am certainly sure it will get  you all excited about our tryst and whats to come ;-)
An opportunity to organize my diary and to manage my time better is another advantage of pre-booking an appointment with me. 
Booking an escort appointment ensures a better of option of  encountering  a more relaxed Foxxxy who has taken the time to get ready for our tryst. NOT a flustered  Foxxxy black escort who is rushing around in order to honor a last minute escort appointment request. I really don't like to do that.  
Appointments also gets me all excited and intrigued about whom I am going to meet while giving me something to look forward to on the day of the appointment.
To book me as an  outcall escort or your private London escort a minimum of three hours notice is required as as I need more notice to get myself presentable in order to meet you at your London Hotel in a timely fashion.
It also gives me a chance to engage in other activities besides escorting as I do not escort 24/7.
This is the best way  I find works a treat..
I know sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants. So I  have tried to be a lot flexible in accepting same day bookings with one and a half upto 2 hours notice provided you call between the  appointment booking hours of 9am to 3.30pm for appointments on my hours of operation of 10am -8pm. Its always better to call me early in the morning from 9am on the day. The earlier you call me  the better chance of securing an appointment.
Please also understand that, if you call me on the day your are looking for escort appointment; my answering the phone doesn't necessarily mean I available that minute. I may have a window of opportunity to answer calls  because I may have an upcoming appointment, I may be in-between appointment, not at home as I like to space out appointments and not operate a conveyor belt type of appointment system.
I like to look after myself by catching my breath, eating breakfast, lunch and  or dinner going out for fresh air,  running errands, meeting up with friends for a good time. Plus I am also doing other projects (remember the saying  don't put all your eggs in one basket?) and therefore not at home sometimes when my diary is clear; making it unrealistic to arrange an appointment within the hour. So I hope you put all this into consideration when you call.
So please be considerate guys even escorts need to be serenaded too. ;-)
I actually know for a fact that, unlike me some escorts actually don't like advance bookings and therefore wake up dreading the fact that they have to honor an advance appointment.  
I am quite the opposite an advance appointment gives me better organisation, vim and vigor to look forward to my day. 
Plus, I don't like to sit around all day in my knickers hoping and praying I am going to get an appointment I personally do find that utterly depressing. So I don't do it ever. I would rather engage in something else than waste the whole day. 

I do  hope this post gives you a better view or insight into how this benefits us both  and makes for a more rewarding encounter for the both of us.
See you soon lovelies!
Foxxxy xo xo